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We have been in business since 2001. We can effectively deliver IT-enabled business processes and infrastructure solutions for all your business needs. Do you want peace of mind knowing that your technology runs smoothly and efficiently? We have the expertise to help you succeed. We’re knowledgeable, approachable, accountable, and very good at what we do. It is our mission to help small to large businesses out of the IT badlands. Still not convinced, just ask any of our clients, we have not lost one yet!

Our regular office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. However, our IT Pilots are always on standby and ready to provide emergency Technical Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You know where you want to take your business. Trust us to take you there!

Backup your data. We are experts at dealing with computer problems and there is nothing more frustrating than losing your pictures, documents, and business / entertainment data when your computer either gets old and dies or is damaged in an accident. We can help you ensure your computer is properly backed up and continues to be backed up on a regular basis. If you are in an office environment, your server needs to be backed up daily, and the data moved off site regularly in case of theft or fire.

We specialize in on-site computer services in your office or home to save you the time of taking your computer out of your office or home to be fixed. Also, if your computer is still working but just needs an upgrade or an annoying bug fixed, you don’t lose the service of your computer.

Our team of experts never stop learning and staying educated with either new or upgraded technology. We are always engaging in constant learning whether it be certifications or extended courses, reading industry news, blogs, and other related technology content. It is important for our success and for the success of our clients business to set aside time for research and learning. Let us handle your technology systems and free your employees to concentrate on the jobs they were hired to do.

IT doesn’t just affect internal departments. It can also have an impact on your external customer’s experience. If the process is held up because of poor technology processes, your companies reputation then becomes questionable. If you can’t turn things around in a timely manner or you’re not able to respond to client expectations, it’s going to affect your bottom line or competitive advantage.

Technology can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to understand all the technical jargon. What you need in your provider is someone who helps you overcome business challenges and support the operations of your business. You want a partner who can tell you that the technology they’ve recommended is going to do the job. When choosing an IT service provider, find an IT partner that communicates effectively with you.

By focusing on fixing things as they break, we’re merely collecting water from leaking ceilings without understanding why they’re dripping. This is what reactive and fix it when it happens “IT” is about. Being proactive is like saving money for a new roof in order to replace it before water starts leaking into the house. In order to implement a strategic IT plan, it is important to look at infrastructure and applications holistically. Choose IT providers who understand your business and implement technology that continuously enhances it.

You have plans for your business and technology needs to fit into that plan. Your technology needs to support all your current and future business requirements and goals. Therefore, it’s important to develop a roadmap for how your technology will get you there.

The impact of IT can be seen in every aspect of your business, from operations to employee productivity to customer service. Technology changes exponentially, and companies must adapt accordingly as a continuous improvement process. Partnering with an appropriate organization means you can trust their direction and ability to implement the plan effectively. To ensure your best interests are protected, you need to ensure the IT service provider you are choosing has your best interests at heart.

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