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Information technology support born in the highly technical and demanding sector of aerospace and engineering can be available to you!
Trust an IT Pilot to help you navigate through the complicated IT world. Contact us for a free audit of your company’s information systems. Discover custom-tailored technology solutions that target your business’ specific needs.
That’s the IT Pilots difference.

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Managed IT Services

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IT Security

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Cloud Solutions

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Don’t trust just anyone with your business’ information systems.

Trust an IT Pilot.

How We Can Help

We offer comprehensive computer IT support, systems management and problem-solving.

Let us handle your technology systems and free your employees to concentrate on the jobs they were hired to do.
Here are some typical problems we find after conducting our audits.
Incomplete or even no backups!

We are still surprised every time we audit a company and find that there are incomplete backups. The #1 priority of your IT systems is that both the information required to run your business is 100% available, and backed up daily. Our monitoring system ensures that we know your backup is working every day.

On top of that we audit your systems and our own systems regularly, to make sure the monitoring systems are monitored!

A big topic these days is ransomware.

We have developed our own proprietary monitoring system for ransomware.

This is a big topic in IT because this malware is getting through virus protection systems and encrypting companies without proper IT surveillance.

If you need your data protected, you need IT Pilots level protection.

Too many systems running.

It does not matter if it is an aircraft or a server. These are complicated systems with a finite amount of resources. You should only be running what you are using on a server. We typically reduce services running on servers by 100%, cleaning up other IT service companies’ improperly set-up servers.

That means your servers run faster, with less resources required. That means they last longer and cost less!

Our technology partners.

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Managed IT Services

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Managed Technology Services

This is what we do best. We manage all your technology. We keep your business online, efficiently and reliably.

We believe in a needs-based solution, taking into account your requirements and budget.


IT Pilots proprietary 24/7 monitoring of: backups, free space on servers, software updates, window updates, server performance, Internet performance, disk errors, and more.


We are the only IT company that has proprietary ransomware monitoring software installed on our customers’ servers that will stop attackers in their tracks.


Answering the call of your employees’ support requests. Planning for the future of your business.
IT Security - IT Pilots In Mississauga

IT Security

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IT Security

Security and technology are two terms that cannot be separated.

Information at its core must be secure in the implementation of the technological solution.


We are the only technology company that has implemented a proprietary ransomware monitoring and prevention system.

Case Experience: Every experienced IT company today has been confronted with the threat of ransomware for their customers. For most IT companies, their only defense is a proper backup. Although backups are the final defense to any information system, we do not accept that as the only defense. We designed our own ransomware detection system that stops ransomware in its tracks. All our customers’ servers benefit from IT Pilots’ special ransomware defense system.


Anti-virus systems monitoring.

Case Experience: It is without question every computer exposed directly to users and/or the Internet should be properly protected, however our work does not stop here. Scheduled audits of every computer’s virus definitions are required to ensure maximum protection against the latest malware at our managed businesses.


Network architecture design. The best security defense is a network that is restricted to only pass communication as you see fit. We can provide you with the technology options to help you decide how to best protect your network, and its communication.

Case Experience: In a properly designed and implemented server environment and network, many security vulnerabilities can be stopped in their tracks. We come across new companies all the time that have completely open networks, and services running on their servers that provide opportunities for hackers regardless of anti-malware software installed. Advanced network and server knowledge trumps everything.

Cloud Solutions - IT Pilots In Mississauga

Cloud Solutions

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Cloud Solutions

Every company needs to consider the proper balance of in-house business hosted services and outside cloud-based services.


We have migrated dozens of companies’ email and storage solutions to the cloud.

Case Experience: We have migrated an airline with 700 mailboxes from an in-house hosted exchange solution to a Microsoft Enterprise online plan.

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Do you need to build your business, or just have an experienced company maintain it?


We provide: custom server builds, firewall programming, network architecture, customized software support, security cameras, biometric fingerprint readers, and more.
Platinum Plan

We do everything. And it begins with a full audit of all your systems.

The Platinum Plan allows us to spend a large amount of hours to go through all your systems’ roles and determine if they are up to the latest standards in both performance and reliability.

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